"An automotive awakening"


We are bringing thinkers, creators, and innovators together to harness advanced tech and solve everyday problems.


We revolutionize the on road mobility experience by bringing convenience through technology and moving swiftly towards the future.

Core values

Do more. Do better.

Creators bring convenience to mobility with the latest in tech.

Forward. Together.

Moving towards a better tomorrow. Leaving a mark on every life we touch.

Transcending boundaries.

Innovations that chart new territories.

The ignition turns. The engine neighs. You draw a breath and get in gear. The road, at last. This is life as it should be. Nothing else matters.

The virtues of a motorcycle are continuously challenged by its many inconveniences. Riders depend on solutions that are improper. We use technology that isn’t designed for us. Devices that are disjointed. Pure skill and blind luck that are often absent when most needed.



Each member of Etho’s team is a devoted rider. From thousand-mile adventures to off-road expeditions to joyrides across freeways and city lanes, we have done it all.

Being this intimate with motorcycles allows us a close knowledge of the everyday problems of a rider. This knowledge was presented all too well to Krishna, our Cofounder, when he was riding back to his apartment on a winter evening in 2016. That day, a quick glance at his GPS resulted in a car T-boning his bike and shattering Krishna’s forearm into four pieces. 

When Parth, our second cofounder, visited Krishna in the hospital, they thought of what it would be like if riders didn’t have to look down at their GPS for directions. Or the speedometer for information. Or use smartphones to take calls, play music, and do what not.

Nurturing the dream

To make motorcycling convenient, Etho uses proprietary innovations that help bridge the gap between riders and their devices. Through years of R&D and purposeful prototyping, we have developed a solution that truly makes a human one with their machine. We take away the frills and leave you with the thing you desire most: a memorable riding experience, every time.    

Realizing the future

We partner with helmet manufacturers and automotive companies to explore product integrations. By learning from our experiences and observing our competitors’ mistakes, we have decided to take the licensing route to bring our solutions to market. Watch out for an xEtho smart helmet hitting the stores by 2023. 


Experience the world like never before

Proprietary hardware and software solutions come together to give riders an unmatched user experience.

We helmet leading players in the automotive sector innovate faster by partnering with them

Etho invests in young creators, thinkers, and innovators to quantum leap to the next greatest technological advancement.

Etho invests in young creators, thinkers, and innovators to bring in the next level of technological advancement.

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Varied applications make flying more convenient. Sky's the limit, or is it?

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Making what’s on top of racers as smart as what’s under.

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Optimizing the future of e-bikes by equipping riders with functional tech.

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Action sports

Record every descent as you ascend the slopes of convenience.

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