A smart helmet that thinks with you
Brno OS is a voice first operating system that we built from
the ground up to give you a riding experience like never before.
Heads up Display (HUD)
DLP 0.2” nHD DMD
Unobscured 105° FOV with 25° AR Display FOV
Full 16.7 Million color reproduction
18mm x 14mm eye box size
32°F - 95°F Operating Temperature
Self-adapting adjustable brightness
60 Hz refresh rate
Optical light sensors to control dimming and brightness for clarity in dynamic lighting environments.

Our Head-Up Display (HUD) projects critical information straight into the user's field of vision, without restricting it. The rider's focus remains on the road ahead, which contributes to increased convenience. Reduces eye fatigue by eliminating the need to switch focus between the road and devices. ​
8,000 nits max brightness
(@60 mA)
25 mm eye relief
640 x 360 resolution
20,000 hours LED life* (@350mA)
8-core 64-bit performance CPU with dedicated GPU
2.2 GHz max clock speed
Dual Memory Controller
802.11ac WLAN
Bluetooth 4.1
LTE Cat. 7
GPS Navigation
Digital compass
AR route display
Mobile App - Riders Journal
The Rider’s Journal seamlessly connects to your smart helmet wirelessly.
Control all settings from your phone to personalize your Etho assistant.
Software Update OTA
BRNO OS is the world’s first mobile custom operating system that features the most convenience. Receive over the air updates without hassle.
Get updates on-the-go.
256 GB
Accelerometer based crash sensor
Etho connects with your phone and alerts emergency services on
User Interface
Etho’s sound control system can adjust environmental sounds to the rider’s needs. Help reduce rider fatigue and prevent hearing damage.

Use your voice to make calls, play music, hear coordinates, and more
Activate hands-free with by saying “Etho
Immersive AR Display
Engineered to augment your view to facilitate critical information, to decision-making while on the road, and reduce the cognitive load. All the vital information is seamlessly delivered in your field of view enabling you to operate everything smoothly without looking into your phone.

Etho is a new product that integrates seamless AI and AR to smart helmets. The Immersive AR experience connects users with their machines in real time.
Record your rides in 4K
Gone are the days when you had to go through all the hassle of mounting cameras on your helmet. Etho’s smart helmet is equipped with a built in front camera, and offers the ease of recording your rides or capturing a photo in 4K with a simple voice command.