Less thinking, more riding.

Unleash your freedom on the road. Feel the road under you, and the world above you like never before with a smart helmet that thinks with you.
Smart helmets by Etho enable you to stay seamlessly connected to important information you need during your ride so you can do what you love - RIDE!
A new era in motorcycling
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Control all the functions on your ride with
Voice First Operating System
We built our own OS from the ground up with mobility in mind.
BRNO OS is a breakthrough in the Augmented Reality industry, and we are bringing it to your smart helmet! Ultra-fast software to command your adventure and capture your trip on video with a wide angle field of view and next-level hardware that captures so much more detail. It’ll change the way you ride.
Feel Your Adventure!
Immerse yourself in your ride with our intuitive AR heads-up display that delivers all your information like turn-by-turn navigation, speedometer, etc.
Experience stellar audio
Take your music with you in high definition
Command Your Adventure!
Summon Etho for all your riding needs and make every wish come true. “Etho, Record my trip”  , “Etho, Call John” , “Etho, play Welcome to the Jungle by Guns’n Roses.” with the Virtual Voice Assistant and Bluetooth/HiFi integrated speakers and built-in microphones.
Connect with your phone and talk your way through your ride with all your ride information directly in your field of view
“Etho, Record my trip”
“Etho, Call John”
The world is your playground!
Command your adventure.