Unleash your freedom on the road
Track your rides, manage your photos & videos, connect with other riders, and control your Etho helmet.
Connecting man and his machine
We are building the perfect dream for riders, and you can join in too. With your smart helmet. You have a strong bond with your motorcycle, to give you the most memorable ride with every ride.
The Turning Point
Krishna wanted to eliminate the barriers caused by devices that were impeding his connection with his motorcycle and the road. An aerospace engineer by trade he, knew the barriers that could be eliminated to reconnect the rider and their machine. With his best friend Parth Darji, a mixed reality engineer at his side, the two young men founded Etho Inc. in 2016 with the sole mission to “improve the connection between rider and machine”.
The Dream!
The dream finally came through after many thousand hours of painstaking work, and some frustrating dead-ends. They finally developed a unique technology that will successfully deliver the vision and even foresee dangers on the route.

Etho was born in 2021 as the first mobile software with a custom made OS that controls everything with AI and AR. It enables a strong and robust connection between rider and bike. The rider can command the Assistant to do anything instead of using any extra gadget.

Throughout the hundreds of iterations, we’ve learned the optimal information to deliver via a heads up display that makes sense for a motorcyclist, that is controlled 100% using voice commands. To achieve this totally hands-free operation, we built an operating system from the ground up called CAL-OS.
Now 2 years later, you can depend on Etho, an artificial intelligence system that redefines a riders connection with their machine.
We have collaborated with many helmet companies and created the most amazing experience for our smart helmets users. This has engaged riders with fantastic features that are otherwise “only in their wildest dreams”!

We have enabled riders to access features like
GPS navigation
Route display and description
Crisp HUD
Front and rear end HQ camera for video recording
Music player integration
SOS for emergency calls
Ability to call anyone

All these features can be done by simply calling “Etho”.

We are building a market system where Etho can help in many professional industries like Automotive, Aviation, Medicine, Military, etc.
Brno OS
Glide through the ride
Brno OS was built from the ground up as the world’s first mobile operating system to deliver all the critical information a user needs on the ride coherently. BRNO enables you to navigate and surf through the information you need with simple voice commands. It increases your field of view beyond what you used to naturally process.

BRNO OS will get regular OTA software updates to improve user experience. We plan on deploying artificial intelligence features soon to make the helmet smarter and more efficient.
The Inception of an Idea
This is where our story connects with you. We are similar to you in many ways. We love adventure. The thrill of the bike engines roaring underneath us is a joy that goes beyond any high.
The open road and fresh air are like medication that makes us feel better, alive and energized. That feeling of freedom.

However, that feeling of freedom is not actual freedom if you have limits to what you can do on a regular bike ride. For example, if you want to listen to your favorite music, you have to use clunky Bluetooth headsets; disturbing. Many motorcycle riders depend on these devices and their smartphones to navigate, play music, and accept calls. Some riders strap intercoms and action cameras to their helmets to connect with their fellow riders and to capture the moments that fuel their passion.

This and other factors have caused the phenomena otherwise known as “distracted riding”, which causes a disconnect between the rider and the road.

Our very own, also fell victim to this phenomenon, while riding back to his apartment. Krishna Manda quickly glanced at his phone's GPS when all of a sudden he was T-boned, causing his right forearm to shatter into 4 pieces.

Krishna knew this truth going into riding, born into a lineage of motorcycle riders. Krishna's love for riding motorcycles was deeply rooted in his soul.

The connection he felt with everything around him was too pure and strong to ever let go of the bike. Regardless of any obstacle, he was determined to hop back on to the saddle and ride again.
In the foggy wake of his accident in the back of an ambulance, he began thinking of what could have been if he didn’t ever have to look down at his GPS, phone, or even speedometer while riding again.
Meet our team
We are a group of passionate motorcyclists and technology enthusiasts working together to level up the rider experience.
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Our Mission
To create the technology that connects man to his machine.