Our helmets are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

Super-fast Processor

A blazing fast processor which is able to handle all the technology that we have integrated into making our helmets ACTUALLY the smartest!


We developed our own Helmet Operating System from the ground up. And it is custom-built with motorcyclists in mind.

Heads Up Display

A truly immersive augmented reality display to deliver all the information you need without distraction that you DON'T need.

Voice Assistant

An AI enabled voice-assistant custom-built for riders on the move. No more opening your mobile phone for getting directions, playing music, making calls or even recording videos!

Two HD Cameras

We've added a camera behind your head! So you don't have to worry about blind spots anymore. Did we tell you that we have a camera in the front as well? And it records 4K videos? Well, it does!

HD Audio

Our built-in HD speakers and microphones would enable you to always be connected on the road. Whether it is for intercom, music, voice assistant or calls.

Mobile Apps

And all of this using our no-nonsense easy to use mobile app which is free on your favorite app store.

Partner Program

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We believe that smart helmets are the future; And every motorcyclist should have access to this life-saving technology. Therefore we have decided to partner with helmet manufacturers to integrate this technology into their helmets.

If you are a helmet manufacturer and want to take a leap into this imminent future, you can participate in our partner program. Send us an email to schedule a demo of how we can enable your helmets with smart technology.

If you are an enthusiast and want to sign up for our beta testers program, please register on our Stripe page below. We will let you know when our partners release their helmets so you can choose which one you want. And we will not charge your account until we deliver you the helmets. If you change your mind, you can let us know and we can remove your card from our list.


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